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The 100% Authentic Eva Sabet – Part One

I have a great interest in what makes entrepreneurs do what they do. Running a business is very hard work. Running a business with high standards and values is even harder work. I set out to interview clients of mine and learn more about the “special something” in the way they run their business which is both successful and makes then stand out from the crowd. This is the first in a 2-part interview with Eva Sabet of Swedish Crown Bakery.

“People who come to us are not just in love with Swedish food, they are in love with good food made with healthy ingredients”.

– Eva Sabet, Co-Owner, Swedish Crown Bakery

Eva, what brought you to MN?

My husband, who I met in Sweden. I didn’t know much about Minnesota so I was surprised at how many people from Scandinavia lived here.

How did selling your food come to be?

I have cooked and baked for my friends since I was a teenager. I tried all kinds of food out on them. In America, I started baking for farmer’s markets. It was a lot of work but it was fun. At the farmer’s market, people came up to me mentioning their Scandinavian grandmothers or grandfathers. I didn’t think of it at the time, but then I realized more and more that there was a big need for Scandinavian pastries.

When the Swedish Institute hired me as an independent contractor the manager said my kringle was the best thing they ever tried and that we should send this nation-wide. That pushed me into the direction that we have to open something. So my husband Fari and I said, “Let’s open up a bakery.”

What special things about Sweden would you like your community here in the United States to know?

Sweden has one of the best quality foods on the planet. Everything is very clean. The food is wonderful and I want to introduce people to the great culture. If we were to open up a second location, it would be mostly restaurant to bring those flavors, the freshness and the simplicity of how people are eating in Sweden. I would pick the best of the best from all regions, and there is some pretty amazing stuff!

You are a family owned and run business. How do you and Fari split up the roles?

In the bakery, Fari is more of the front person. He has become an excellent soup maker and sometimes he bakes breads in the morning and he does the shopping. I am taking care of the baking, schedules and employee payroll. Even though we are both strong-willed people, it works!

What does it mean to be able to bring your recipes and your culture here to America?

First and foremost, I make sure that it is as authentic as I can make it. I grew up with this; I know this one hundred percent so I can assure that this is authentic. A lot of things claim to be authentic – like a burrito which does not even exist in Mexico but something created in California. I want to bring authenticity because I think authenticity is culture; and culture is something we pass down. That’s how we maintain culture. Once those lines have been washed out culture and authenticity disappears.

What I want to share is my passion for food. I think I have something special but I can’t tell you exactly what it is. When I cook it is almost like a channeling and when it is done I sometimes can’t believe I cooked it. Did I really make this? Magic is happening and I want to be able to give this to people. To help them experience food and push their boundaries. I want people to try new things.

To learn more about the bakery and see their menu visit

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